Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News Flash : Malaysia's Top 20 schools named

Malaysia's Top 20 schools named


PUTRAJAYA: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today announced that 20 schools - 14 secondary and six primary - had been accorded the status of high performance schools (SBTs).
Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said of the 14 secondary schools, 10 were fully residential schools and the rest day schools.

"These schools were chosen from among schools that showed outstanding performance in the field of academia, co-curriculum and niche areas.

"The schools will be guided and monitored closely to ensure they continue to attain even higher levels of performance," he told reporters at his office here today.

The 10 fully residential schools are Sekolah Tun Fatimah (Johor Bahru), Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak (Seremban), Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Sekolah Seri Puteri (Cyberjaya), Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abdul Halim (Jitra), Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (Seremban), Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (Klang), Sekolah Menengah Sains (SMS) Tuanku Syed Putra (Perlis), Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (Putrajaya) and SMS Muzaffar Syah (Melaka).

The four day schools are Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) (P) Sri Aman(Petaling Jaya), SMK Aminuddin Baki (Kuala Lumpur), SMK Sultanah Asma (Alor Setar) and SMK (P) St. George (Penang).

The six primary schools are Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Seri Bintang Utara (KL),SK Taman Tun Dr Ismail 1 (KL), SK Bukit Damansara (KL), SK Zainab (2) (Kota Bharu), SK Convent Kota (Taiping), SK Bandar Baru Uda 2 (Johor Bahru).

At the same time, Muhyiddin stressed that SBTs were not elite schools which benefited only a limited number of students.

Instead, he said each school in the country had the same opportunity and a level playing field to be recognised as SBTs.

"Any school that meets the targets of excellence and criteria set (by the Education Ministry) will be recognised as a SBTs and get the same privileges," he said.

Muhyiddin said the ministry targeted to have 30 SBTs by next year and 50 in 2012.

He said the rationale in having SBTs was to raise the quality of the best schools in the country to be world class, produce outstanding students and narrow the gap between schools within the system.

He said SBTs would be given additional autonomy to pursue innovation in school management and raise the productivity of students.

As for curriculum, he said, it would be flexible in terms of teaching and learning as well as syllabi for compulsory and elective subjects, conforming to public examinations and use of the national language as the medium of instruction or multiple languages.

Beside these, Muhyiddin said the schools concerned were also given leeway in fixing the minimum periods for subjects, extending schooling hours and allowing students to complete their studies a year earlier, just like the express promotion system that was introduced previously.

In terms of budget ownership, he said a lump sum grant would be channelled to the schools at the beginning of each year and that they would have the full flexibility to spend as needed and were exempted from the ministry's centralised procurement system.

"Every school has its own budget, but with this status, they will be given additional funds and they can use the money as needed," he said, adding that the grant might be less than RM1 million but had not been fixed yet as this depended on the size of the SBT.

He also said management of staff at these schools would be based on meritocracy and not seniority, besides flexibility given for the paying of overtime and performance incentives.

"There will also be flexibility to re-assign under performing staff and delegation of functions based on academic and non-academic reasons," he said.

Muhyiddin said the SBTs would be appraised yearly based on their annual reports with the appropriate performance indicators and inspections by the ministry's officers in accordance to the revised Malaysian Education Quality Standard.

In relation to this, he said the SBTs would have to fullfil six criterias - attain academic excellence, produce outstanding students, win awards at the national and international level, community work and networking with other schools and higher learning institutions, both locally and internationally.

One of the roles the SBTs would have to play was having their teachers to act as mentors to teachers in other schools through the "immersion" programme involving principals, headmasters and teachers, he said.

Towards maintaing their status as SBTs, he said their strategic plans, management structure, academic and co-curriculum programmes should serve as benchmarks for other schools, locally and abroad.

Muhyiddin said that schools in rural areas could also be selected as SBTs if they fullfilled the criterias set.

"I know not all the 10,000 schools (in the country) can reach this status, but irrespective of whether they are urban or rural schools, they stand an equal chance to be accorded SBT status.

"But if the (rural) schools are constrained because they do not have the same facilities as their urban counterparts, we will speed up action to narrow the gap," he said.




Monday, January 25, 2010

We Need You You and You To Complete This Project!

*Notice: This is a sticky post. This entry will be up here until Tuesday, 26th January 2010. Please scroll down for latest posts.*

Hey kids!
Remember the special art project we did during "Sekolah Ganti" last Saturday. Here's an artist's impression of what would be hanging at the centre of our bulletin board not too long from now.

As you can see, we are still missing about 12 of you from the project. As such, we will be scheduling another round of photography and palm printing this Tuesday at school during school hours. So there is no need to arrange for anything extra or out-of-the ordinary. Just make sure you come to school, okay?

The people involved in the session are:
1. Arief bin Tajol Azman
2. Durga a/p Selvadurai
3. Ezra Arvind Eswaran
4. Farhan Nadzir Qeizra
5. Mikhael Azril
6. Muhammad Faiz Pirdaus
7. Nur A'liyah Maisarah Nordin
8. Raja Ayman Zarif Raja Azlan Shah
9. Rashdina Ayeesha Ramli
10. Syed Danish Arief
11. Vincent a/l Lurd Suami
12. Sam Vishal

Also, we will also reshoot any of you who were wearing the PJK outfit last Saturday. Just so that we have a standardized look for everyone.

See you guys then! :)

Aunty Dilla

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Class Deco Project - Phase 2

The second installment of gotong-royong was carried out by 1 Inovatif parents on Saturday, 23rd January 2010.

Let's first look at the results!

The partly completed 1 Inovatif 2010 Family Tree Project

The newly decorated 1 Inovatif
1. Teacher's table wrapped in creme top and manually-pleated red skirting
2. Curtain valence hung
3. The new reading corner
4. The mural sticker for the reading corner

We had the photography and palm print sessions in the morning to prepare for our 1Inovatif Family Tree. Special thanks to Aunty Mrika, Aunty Rozana, Aunty Zurina, Uncle Adam, Aunty Dilla and Aunty Ziezi for being part of the morning volunteers.

You can see your friends and the volunteer moms and dads in action below:

Later in the evening, more parents came in to help out. As detailed out by Aunty Ziezi in the school portal, the day's scope included:
1. taking off posters and backings from notice boards
2. putting up new backings
3. putting up new posters, notices, deco etc
4. putting up curtain valence
5. fixing teacher's table cover and skirting
6. (re)arranging books
7. setting up mini library and reading corner
8. books collection drive

Enjoy the pictures!

Aunty Dilla

Saturday, January 23, 2010

For Information : 1 Inovatif 2010 Timetable

Class Timetable for your reference and information.

Aunty Dilla

Friday, January 22, 2010

Class Deco Project - Phase 1

Hey there children (and parents)!

Have you enjoyed the new coats of paint in your classroom? Remember it was yellow before and now there are red walls at the back of the classroom and the sides are painted with dark grey.

We should all say thank you to your teacher, Puan Sueraya; your moms and dad(s) for their hardwork last weekend. Oh, and a special mention for your classmate Aleyya who helped us clean the grills and paint as well. Want to see them in action?

Wait for us tomorrow during the 'Sekolah Ganti' as we have a special art project surprise that would need your participation. Right after that moms and dads would be working hard on the Bulletin Board project. Prepare to be wowed yet again! :)

Aunty Dilla (Khadra's mom)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newsletter 001 (21-01-2010)

1) There will be no Ujian Formatif 1 for Std 1. Internal test for Std 1 will only start from Ujian Formatif 2 (Tentatively April 2010) followed by PKSR 1 (May/June) Formatif 3, Formatif 4 and PKSR 2.

2) Baju PJ/PE to be worn every Monday and Thursday starting next week.

3) Please wear PJK this Friday 22/1

4) Class time table given to our kids 2 days ago. Please check.

5) Subject teachers :
BM + Math + Seni - Puan Suraya
English - Cik Hasni
Science + PJK - En Razi
Agama - Puan Siti Fatimah & Puan Haslinda
Moral - Mrs Tay

Please take a note that :
Sekolah Ganti this Saturday 23/1 (m/up for CNY 2010) and will follow Thursday time table.

Adam (Aleyya's dad)

Credit to Puan Fara (Farhan's mom) :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who Are We?

Introducing our little ones, according to the class list, matched to the parent(s) (mom and/or dad) based on the info we already gathered from all of you through our 1inovatif2010 email.

1. Adam Alif Bin Fakrul Nezam (Fakrul Nezam & Rafizah)
2. Adam Iskandar bin Azman
3. Afrina Binti Shuhaimi
4. Ahmed Fariz bin Azim
5. Arief bin Hafizi (Helena)
6. Arief bin Tajol Azman
7. Arjunnvir Singh Parmar (Gordev Singh & Sukhbir Kaur)
8. Armaan Singh (Anita)
9. Athirah Raihana
10. Claire Ng Kim Yuen (Lim Szu Ling)
11. Danielle Adri (Adri Aris & Margaret)
12. Durga a/p Selvadurai (Selvadurai & Usha)
13. Eldrian Tho Jiat Yang (Irene)
14. Elijah Mokhtar Philips (Julian & Delani)
15. Ellya Keesha Zarif (Zurina)
16. Ezra Arvind Eswaran (Grace)
17. Farhan Nadzir Qeizra
18. Hani Batrisyia Mohammad Rizal
19. Haron Hussman (Ramona Haliza)
20. Irsyad Sidqi Saifuddin
21. Keenan Goh Qing Wei (Kevin & Linda)
22. Khadra Mohd Azrul (Azrul & Dilla)
23. Mikhael Azril (Azril & Maria)
24. Mohamad Najeef Mohd Yusof (Yusof & Aza)
25. Muhammad Faiz Pirdaus
26. Muhammad Johan Eidham Zuriman
27. Muhammad Zarif Izmet Iskandar (Izmet & Mrika)
28. Nelysa Khadija Mohamed Nazrin (Nazz & Ziezi)
29. Nur Aleyya Adam Malek (Adam & Rozana)
30. Nur A'liyah Maisarah Nordin
31. Nur Jannah Ameera Zolkepeli (Nazratul Akhtar)
32. Raja Ayman Zarif Raja Azlan Shah
33. Rashdina Ayeesha Ramli
34. Sam Vishal
35. Sean Eric Soon Chern Ann
36. Shahirah Husna Shahrul Nizar (Suria Fazlin)
37. Syed Danish Arief
38. Tricia Sonia Prakash
39. Vincent a/l Lurd Suami
40. Wan Aliaa Wan Ahmad Syatibi (Wan Ahmad Syatibi & Wan Sakinah)
41. Zara Raissa Kassim

last updated:1 1:41am Saturday, 23 January 2010

Please tell me if I missed anyone. You could use the comment box below for non-sensitive information.

For those who have yet to submit the info, please include the following info in your e-mail to 1inovatif2010@gmail.com:
Name of child:
Name of parents:
Tel no :
email address:

Monday, January 18, 2010


Welcome to the new home of 1 Inovatif 2010.

Of course, this space is still a Work-In-Progress but the idea is to share our ideas and inspirations for the our kids in a place we could call our own. By using up this space even more, we could clear the 2010 Class Homework and Discussion forum for notices related to the class like "Bring your toothbrush, glue and scissors tomorrow" as opposed to what colour should we paint the walls. :)

For starters, since this is an open forum please be mindful of your comments as others would be able to see them. *Shhh on our secrets!* As and when deemed necessary, we will close the forum to invited readers only and at that point you will be able to pitch in your ideas, concepts and illustrations for our winning combination!

Dilla (Khadra's mom)