Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Monday, January 25, 2010

We Need You You and You To Complete This Project!

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Hey kids!
Remember the special art project we did during "Sekolah Ganti" last Saturday. Here's an artist's impression of what would be hanging at the centre of our bulletin board not too long from now.

As you can see, we are still missing about 12 of you from the project. As such, we will be scheduling another round of photography and palm printing this Tuesday at school during school hours. So there is no need to arrange for anything extra or out-of-the ordinary. Just make sure you come to school, okay?

The people involved in the session are:
1. Arief bin Tajol Azman
2. Durga a/p Selvadurai
3. Ezra Arvind Eswaran
4. Farhan Nadzir Qeizra
5. Mikhael Azril
6. Muhammad Faiz Pirdaus
7. Nur A'liyah Maisarah Nordin
8. Raja Ayman Zarif Raja Azlan Shah
9. Rashdina Ayeesha Ramli
10. Syed Danish Arief
11. Vincent a/l Lurd Suami
12. Sam Vishal

Also, we will also reshoot any of you who were wearing the PJK outfit last Saturday. Just so that we have a standardized look for everyone.

See you guys then! :)

Aunty Dilla

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