Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Class Deco Project - Phase 1

Hey there children (and parents)!

Have you enjoyed the new coats of paint in your classroom? Remember it was yellow before and now there are red walls at the back of the classroom and the sides are painted with dark grey.

We should all say thank you to your teacher, Puan Sueraya; your moms and dad(s) for their hardwork last weekend. Oh, and a special mention for your classmate Aleyya who helped us clean the grills and paint as well. Want to see them in action?

Wait for us tomorrow during the 'Sekolah Ganti' as we have a special art project surprise that would need your participation. Right after that moms and dads would be working hard on the Bulletin Board project. Prepare to be wowed yet again! :)

Aunty Dilla (Khadra's mom)

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