Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Class Deco Project - Phase 2

The second installment of gotong-royong was carried out by 1 Inovatif parents on Saturday, 23rd January 2010.

Let's first look at the results!

The partly completed 1 Inovatif 2010 Family Tree Project

The newly decorated 1 Inovatif
1. Teacher's table wrapped in creme top and manually-pleated red skirting
2. Curtain valence hung
3. The new reading corner
4. The mural sticker for the reading corner

We had the photography and palm print sessions in the morning to prepare for our 1Inovatif Family Tree. Special thanks to Aunty Mrika, Aunty Rozana, Aunty Zurina, Uncle Adam, Aunty Dilla and Aunty Ziezi for being part of the morning volunteers.

You can see your friends and the volunteer moms and dads in action below:

Later in the evening, more parents came in to help out. As detailed out by Aunty Ziezi in the school portal, the day's scope included:
1. taking off posters and backings from notice boards
2. putting up new backings
3. putting up new posters, notices, deco etc
4. putting up curtain valence
5. fixing teacher's table cover and skirting
6. (re)arranging books
7. setting up mini library and reading corner
8. books collection drive

Enjoy the pictures!

Aunty Dilla

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