Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Newsletter 003 (12-02-2010)

Dear all,

Our long awaited pigeon holes have finally arrived today. We now have 3 sets of shelving cabinets with 9 compartments each standing pretty at the back of class.

Thank you to Azman (u da man lah), Ailie, Anita, Ziezi n Zurina (bravo ladies) for assembling the items this afternoon. The finished product are well worth the effort n blisters..

Anyway moving forward, I am inviting parents to a sukaneka meeting and class touch up session this Saturday 9am at class. Do indicate availability.

Main agenda would be:
1. Sukaneka plans
2. Organise books arrangement and labelling
3. Art project: Create a duty roster
4. Put up canvas project
5. Other issues
Hope to get another good turnout this time. Looking forward to meet all of u then.

Thank you and warm regards,

1 comment:

mellymilly said...

Hi, me accidentally stumble upon this blog. Wow..really good job parents...!! So impressive...:-)May I know where do u buy those pigeon holes?? Thanks...